Apple Calender


Keeping up with your daily schedule can be difficult sometimes. Work, university, friends, …in order to remember everything and stay organised it is handy to get some help from a calendar. Using a paper calendar can be really nice, but having one on your phone has a lot of advantages. Besides having your phone with you all the time anyways it is also really good to get notifications from your calendar in order to remember all your meetings. 

Kind of Notifications

  • Start of events
  • Traveling time
    • Automated
    • Decide your own 
  • Events in 1 day/half an hour/5 min/…


  • Staying organised
  • Prevention of forgetting events
  • Travelling alerts, so you know when to leave for the event


  • Risk of missing out of free time


Turning on notifications on the apple calendar can help you a lot to stay organised. Travel time alerts can be really handy in terms of remembering events and leaving at the right time. 

There is a bit of a downside, which is the risk of just planning too much and not enjoying your free time, because of constantly upcoming events.

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