Apple Reminders


Remembering all your “To-Dos” often is just not possible. Writing lists with all your “To-Dos” and all the deadlines can be really practical in order not to forget anything. One of the Collaboration Tools which you can do is the Apple Reminders. It is free to use and with the ICloud it stays synchronised over all your devices. 

There is the option to create different lists (e.g., University, Household,…) and keep your different “To Dos” easily organised.

Kind of Notifications

  • On a specific day 
  • At a specific time
  • At a specific location
  • When messaging a specific Person


  • Being reminded of “To Dos”
  • Organising “To Dos”
  • Being reminded of deadlines
  • Organising deadlines


  • Risk of an overwhelming amount of “To Dos” and deadlines


Apple Reminder can be really good in organising and remembering all your “To-Dos” and deadlines. With the different kinds of reminders, you do have a lot of options on when and how you want to be reminded. 

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