BBC News


The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC was founded approximately a century ago and is the national news broadcaster in the UK. Its main responsibility is gathering and broadcasting news around the world.


  • It is a radio, television and internet service.
  • It is convenient as it has the latest news which is updated almost as soon as an incident happens.
  • BBC can be downloaded as an application on your android or apple store and you can receive push notifications of news as soon as it happens.
  • BBC also has a site dedicated to sports which offers information on every type of sport worldwide and also gives you the option of watching the game live e.g. the winter Olympics, which is currently taking place. 


  • During the pandemic, there was a constant disappointment for the viewers as there was always bad news about the virus. It was a continuous cycle of negative news although it was informative. It told us how to be careful and how to avoid the virus and stay safe.