WhatsApp is a messaging platform where you can call and video call for free. It is extremely reliable and simple to use. 


  • You have the ability to send videos, images and audio.
  • It is preferred to normal messaging as it costs significantly less than regular messaging. 
  • It is used in over 180 countries worldwide. 
  • It is extremely private and safe to use. 
  • A huge bonus of using WhatsApp is the ability to share your live location with a friend. 


  • People who use WhatsApp can check your online status when you were last seen and if you have read the messages, this can be seen as a disadvantage to some. People opt to turn off their online status so no one can see if they’re online if they want to be left alone. 
  • WhatsApp can only be used when connected to an internet source. 
  • Notifications can be a nuisance to some users as push notifications tend to make a sound and vibration which is a distraction to people who are studying and working.


The main aim of using Whatsapp is to stay connected to each other in a practical and quick way. The offering of functions like sharing audio, photos, location and so on can be really handy. However, the notifications can stress out and should be handled with care. In settings, you do have the option to turn off notifications and alerts.