A group project for Collaborative Work in networks at the UPV

This blog is created for a group project in our Collaborative Work in networks at the Technical University of Valencia (UPV). In class we are discussing different networks which improve working together. There are different parts in which Collaborative Networks can help you in, for example our topic is the notifications and alerts.

The Group – Four Musketeers

Hello, world This is a blog from four girls from three different countries who are doing an exchange program at UPV. Our faculty is business administration and one of the courses we are doing is ‘collaborative work in networks’. Our blog is focused on the usage of collaboration of tools and the use of notifications and alerts on social media…

Collaboration tools: Notifications and alerts

Notifications and alerts make us aware of a new messages from different platforms. They show us reminders (e.g., for calendar events), but also communication from other people. An important part of notifications and alerts is that they are actively reminding you. 

SMS Marketing and Push Notifications

SMS marketing is the new favourite thing for the companies. Customers are already expecting to see all kinds of messages from brands-from purchase confirmations to special offer alerts. SMS marketing is one of the biggest keys of the digital marketing strategy and has great influence on marketing channels. One of the biggest benefits of text message marketing is that it…

BBC News

The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC was founded approximately a century ago and is the national news broadcaster in the UK. Its main responsibility is gathering and broadcasting news around the world.

Apple Reminders

Remembering all your “To-Dos” often is just not possible. Writing lists with all your “To-Dos” and all the deadlines can be really practical in order not to forget anything. One of the Collaboration Tools which you can do is the Apple Reminders. It is free to use and with the ICloud it stays synchronised over all your devices. 

Apple Calender

Keeping up with your daily schedule can be difficult sometimes. Work, university, friends, …in order to remember everything and stay organised it is handy to get some help from a calendar. Using a paper calendar can be really nice, but having one on your phone has a lot of advantages. Besides having your phone with you all the time anyways it is also really good to get notifications from your calendar in order to remember all your meetings. 


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